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        Oakroot is a mature guild committed to helping others and creating a friendly social environment.  We have many different guild events for all levels including dungeons, raids and PVP. Raid Group 2 raids Wednesday and Thursdays 7:00-10:00pm server time. Raid Group 1 raids Friday and Saturday 7:00-10:00pm server time. 550 item level is required.  Guild RBG's Tusday at 8:00pm server time and required item level is 545 (all pvp). We have a 35 man ventrilo server to accomodate for different events. 

                           Always remember we are as deep as our Roots, sturdy as our Trunks, and always as Strong as Oaks!      

                            Even the Greatest Oaks were once Acorns who held their ground!      

                      All monthly Competitions are located in the members forums

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